X Power Man Capsules


The Extra Power for Man

  • Patented formula and with natural aphrodisiac substances
  • Support performance for men without side effect
  • Aid in boosting drive and good for men’s confidence.
  • Promotes activities
  • What is BF Suma X Power Man plus Capsules?

    BF Suma X Power Man plus Capsules is the ppatented formula for men’s health. The ingredients include epimedium, maca and Vitamin B1.

    • Epimedium is a popular aphrodisiac supplement and herbal sexual performance enhancer. It has a long history of traditional use in China for the alleviation of erectile dysfunction and for improving libido and fertility.
    • Maca, which is widely used in Peru, can energize the body and helps to boost sex drives.
  • Health Benefit of BF Suma X Power Man plus Capsules

    • Maca’s capability to increase in men: semen volume, sperm count, perm motility
    • Helps to increase estrogen levels, particularly in post-menopausal women
    • Improve blood flow into the penis, stimulate sexual arouse
    • Promote blood sugar transform into energy, maintain body vitality, maintain healthy nervous system, heart, blood and muscle function.
  • Why BF Suma X Power Man plus Capsules?

    • BF Suma select top grade fresh Maca and natural herbal Epidermii for easier absorption
    • High concentration & scientific ratio of active ingredients for high efficiency.
    • Strictly manufactured in accordance to GMP regulation and advance technology guarantee the activity of ingredient.
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