Purewell Water Purifier

$ 53.00

The Water Purifier on the Faucet
● Reservation of minerals
● Switchable water flow type
● No electricity consumption
● Usable on most faucets

  • What is Purewell Water Purifier?

    BF Suma Purewell Water Purifier, with 7 layers of high-quality materials is efficient water filtration, which can block the particles of 0.1um and particles that’s 500 times smaller than the hair.

  • Benefits of Purewell Water Purifier
    • Water filtration
    • Rich in minerals
    • 0.1um particles blocking
  • Why Choose BF Suma Purewell Water Purifier?
    • High-Tech Ceramic Filter Cartridge
    • Removes most rusts, sediment, plankton, bacteria, unpleasant odor and taste
    • Easy One-Click Installation
    • The Purewell filter kit is compact and mounts directly onto your existing faucets with no tools in seconds
    • Fits Most Faucets
    • 6 screw thread adapters and 1 universal adapter available, adapt to most faucets
    • Switchable Water Flow Type
    • Enjoy filtered or unfiltered water at the flip of a switch
    • Cleanable and Replaceable Filter Cartridge
    • Cartridge life up to 3 months. Wash with abrasive paper once a week, replace every 3 – 4 months
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