4 in 1 Ginseng Coffee


Ginseng Coffee for Double Vitality
● Exquisite Columbia coffee infused with top-grade American Ginseng
● Anti-fatigue & improve body-resilience
● Regulate endocrine and metabolic system

  • What is 4 in 1 Ginseng Coffee

    BF Suma 4 in 1 Ginseng Coffee is made of superior ginseng extract and the best coffee beans, which has a good taste and refreshing effect. The innovative match of ginseng and coffee will help you to refresh, strengthen and nourish your bod

  • Health Benefits of 4 in 1 Ginseng Coffee
    • Boost Immunity
      When taken regularly, ginseng can regulate endocrine and metabolic system for immunity
    • Improve Physical Health
    • Ginseng has traditionally been used for fighting fatigue, immune support, providing energy in strenuous exercise programs, supporting and stimulating efficient adrenal function
  • Why Choose BF Suma 4 in 1 Ginseng Coffee?
    • High content, each sachet contains 200mg ginseng extract
    • Superior ginseng extract and the best coffee bean
    • Intense and smooth flavor, good taste
    • Innovative match to improve immunity and physical health
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