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Become A Pickup Center Operator

We are an expanding international company with a unique business model, committed to actively supporting independent ‘bricks and mortar’ shops. The BF Suma Store brand name is recognized and respected internationally, which is why our process for selecting PCOs is so rigorous.

What is a PCO?

It means Pickup Center Operator (or better still, Stockist).

PCOs are BF Suma Store representative in their physical location.

What we’re looking for?

We are always looking to appoint PCOs that are passionate and enthusiastic about health and wellbeing. They should run beautiful independent shops specialising in healthcare, beauty or similar complementary professions. 

Knowledge of health, fitness, nutrition, is essential – a PCOs’ shop should be welcoming and offer inspiration. BF Suma Store PCOs’ shops are all individual and we love that each one has its own uniqueness.

Sharing knowledge and educating is a major part of the BF Suma Store brand; PCOs must be keen and able to run products presentation and follow-ups for their customers. PCOs need to engage with their customers and be accessible to them – a shop must have conventional shop opening hours and a team that are trained to give advice and provide knowledge. All PCOs should actively use Social Media and should understand the importance of doing so. We have a very strong relationship with our Stockists and spend a lot of time supporting them and helping them to grow.

Passion for our products and what they can offer is something that we look for in all our PCOs. We consider many factors when looking at prospective PCOs, including geographical location, and proximity to existing PCOs.  

The Key Requirements to Become a BF Suma Store PCO:

  • You must have an independent retail location
  • Your shop must be open and trading in order to be considered.
  • Applications lacking an address will not be considered. 
  • You must be able to accept the first order of a full complement of stock, and we ask that PCOs maintain minimum levels of stock at all times.
  • As a PCO you do not need to recruit before your make money
  • People can buy products directly at your pick up shop, do registration as Independent Distributors, or pickup their products ordered on our online store from your shop.
  • Enjoy 20% discount on all products you purchase from the company
  • Enjoy more retail profit, commission, bonuses and incentives from the company.
  • If you do not have a shop or do not fit the requirements above, please contact for advise on your application.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a BF Suma Store PCO, click the button below to fill out our application form. Please be sure to read through the application in full before filling it out.

Register Here

This information is intended only for residents of Countries to which BF Suma products are supplied. The products discussed here may have different product labeling in different countries. Product compositions may be adjusted in different countries.


BF Suma Store is fully operational and open for shopping to all countries. Take note that some orders may take slightly longer than usual as our retail partner stores adapt to updated COVID-19 protocols.

We are the “Brighter Life, Better Future Company” and your health and happiness are extremely important to us.

Let’s all make sure we are following and abiding by the guidelines established by the various authorities and that we are all doing our part to help contain this virus.

Happy Shopping!

BF Suma Store Team

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